Use the new Vehicle Tracker tool before contacting support. It is located on a new tab of the Vehicle Details window. 

Now whenever you look up a vehicle, you can see where it is in the delivery process using the Vehicle Tracker. Before contacting tech support about a vehicle problem, please check the Vehicle Tracker display first to see if you can figure out where it is.

Here’s how:

Vehicle Tracker Annotated

Just click on the red Load/Refresh button to bring up a list of all the steps the vehicle has gone through so far in the system. It takes a little time to load the list, the Vehicle Tracker searches hundreds of different types of information looking for entries about this vehicle. For this reason the list only loads when you ask it to, so it won’t slow down the Vehicle Details window when you’re not using it.

How to read the list

The Vehicle Tracker list shows all the steps the vehicle has gone through so far. The oldest step is at the bottom, most recent activity is at the top. It shows:

Process Step

The type of action that happened to the vehicle.


Which type of data in the system was affected.

Record ID

Internal record ID of the data record, used by tech support.


The date and time the action occured.


Which user caused this action. Normally this is the name of the operator, for vehicle loads and unloads this is the driver.

There is also a display of additional detail information below the list. Right now this is mostly used by tech support, as time goes on the Vehicle Tracker will be expanded and improved to add more detailed information for dispatchers.

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Action History

Some actions are listed as “Action History” (see screen shot above). In these cases, to find out what happened just click on the line and look in the Comment field at the bottom for an explanation, in this case it tells us when the vehicle was loaded.


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