The Mophilly Application Foundation (MAF) is a suite of classes that speeds development of custom applications using the Omnis Studio software development kit. MAF provides a common reference for project teams and contractors, allows for easy review, provides the basis of efficient code-reuse. MAF helps developers program elegantly.

The MAF is used in Connected Accounting and is an integral part of QAStudio as well as many “in-house” applications. The Pops Royalty Manager is the reference application for the MAF. We would be delighted to count your application among MAF users.

“MAF is a true object oriented system that is resilient to change, avoiding serious future complications”


The error handler provides a comprehensive Error Report of the system state, active windows, database connection state, SQL query, and the program stack; information essential to efficient troubleshooting. In addition, the error handler can send messages to your technical support group without need to configure the end user email client. 

  • Application Control
  • Sophisticated Base Classes
  • Detailed Error Logging and Reporting
  • Data Object Classes
  • Database Connections
  • Integrated Window and Menu Messaging
  • User Role Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Automated Database Update
  • Automated Application Update
  • Digital Document Management (coming soon)

The primary modules are represented as folders in Omnis Studio, with a few listed here. Details and relevant UML diagrams are included in the package.

The MAF is tested on Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Please note that Windows Vista is not supported but anecdotal reports indicate it works well. Linux support is available.

Mophilly Application Foundation

A true object oriented system.