Mophilly Application Foundation

The Mophilly Application Foundation (MAF) is a suite of classes that speeds development of custom applications using the Omnis Studio software development kit. MAF provides a common reference for project teams and contractors, allows for easy review, provides the basis of efficient code-reuse. MAF helps developers program elegantly.

The MAF is used in Connected Accounting and is an integral part of QAStudio as well as many “in-house” applications. The Pops Royalty Manager is the reference application for the MAF. We would be delighted to count your application among MAF users.

“MAF is a true object oriented system that is resilient to change, avoiding serious future complications”

By design the MAF supports mobile, desktop and B2B applications. It takes advantage of “cloud” services for software updates, error reporting and user registration. ftpThe Molu Software Update system employs a modern and secure web service, freeing you from dealing with FTP, VPN and other complicated networking schemes.

The error handler provides a comprehensive Error Report of the system state, active windows, database connection state, SQL query, and the program stack; information essential to efficient troubleshooting. In addition, the error handler can send messages to your technical support group without need to configure the end user email client.


MAF provides a framework for effective programming

The primary modules are represented as folders in Omnis Studio, with a few listed here. Details and relevant UML diagrams are included in the package.

  • Application Control
  • Sophisticated Base Classes
  • Detailed Error Logging and Reporting
  • Data Object Classes
  • Database Connections
  • Integrated Window and Menu Messaging
  • User Role Management
  • Data Encryption
  • Automated Database Update
  • Automated Application Update
  • Digital Document Management (coming soon)

The MAF is tested on Mac OS X, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Please note that Windows Vista is not supported but anecdotal reports indicate it works well. Linux support is available.