Omnis Studio Application Development And Support

Walter’s Library Analysis is a valuable step to take if you want to clean up an existing Omnis7 application, or if you wish to assess your Omnis7 application prior to preparing to move it to Omnis Studio. Walter’s analysis is based on over 20 years experience with Omnis 7 in enterprise class database systems.

Analysis of Your Application
  • Basic Library Metrics
  • Use of State-Related Hash Variables
  • “Prompt” Commands
  • The Omnis Connection Table
  • Class Reference Analysis
  • “Bad Characters”
  • Duplicate Class (Format) Names
  • File Modes Analysis
  • Empty Slots Analysis

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We offer a sample report free for the asking. The report includes the items listed on this page along with detailed explanations of each section. The sample report is based on a real analysis so it gives you a sense of the detail you can expect in your report. To receive a sample report with detailed explanations, please contact us.

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