Omnis Studio Application Development And Support

Mophilly offers expert advice and assistance with all versions of the Omnis product family, which includes Omnis Studio, Omnis 7, Omnis 5, Omnis Quartz and Omnis 3. Our staff has many years of experience with Omnis programming and Omnis database, as well as integrating Omnis with enterprise systems.

  • Omnis program maintenance and enhancements
  • Migrating Omnis applications to Omnis Studio
  • Integration of Omnis applications with other data systems
  • Developing new Omnis Studio programs and applications
  • Omnis database design, enhancement and maintenance

— Omnis Automation —

The Molu Software Update Service for Omnis based applications is available to make the deployment of updates and upgrades easy for both the developer and the end user. By using the service, or hosting the server on your system, you can dramatically reduce the cost of updating Omnis applications. The Mophilly Application Framework is a framework and software development kit that speeds development and ensures quality. Training and implementation of the Mophilly Application Framework skill set will streamline Omnis development.


Mophilly offers a migration consultation to prepare you and your project team for your in-house project. The consultation includes a survey of your application and project goals, a review of the application code with your engineering team, plus a presentation of object oriented aspects of Omnis Studio. In addition, the application is run through a sophisticated code analysis, which produces a set of metrics that are compared to past projects. From the analysis we create a reliable estimate of cost and time to complete the project.

I think the automation of vision is a much bigger deal than the invention of perspective.

Trevor Paglen
Omnis Studio RAD Toolkit

Omnis Studio Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool kit allows programmers and application developers to create enterprise level and web-based applications for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X personal computers and servers across all business sectors. Developers can use the Omnis Web Client to build all types of web applications and Rich Internet Applications by presenting a highly functional interface in the user’s web browser. The business logic and database access in such a web application is handled by the Omnis Application Server.

There are many commercial applications on the market today that are built with Omnis technology. There are many thousands of custom applications used by business of all sizes, from small offices to large multi-national corporations as well as departments of government and universities.

Omnis 7 Analysis

Walter’s Library Analysis is a valuable step to take if you want to clean up an existing Omnis7 application, or if you wish to assess your Omnis7 application prior to preparing to migration. Details are at this page.

Omnis Training

Need to develop your in-house staff? We provide training, see the Omnis Training page for more information.

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