Some dispatchers have been having the drivers log in with the password they use for the desktop application. While this is fine, apparently we didn’t explain in our setup instructions that it may be easier for drivers to log in using their PIN instead.

If drivers have trouble logging in, please have them try their PIN instead of their Password.

On the Users window in the desktop application, there are two codes that can be used by the driver for logging in, the Password and the PIN. Both are assigned to each user to identify them on login, but they are used differently:

  • Usually more than 8 characters, using mixed case letters, numbers, and symbols for security
  • Used to log into the desktop or mobile application
  • Example:  Wv377exel#
  • PIN
  • Usually 4 digits, numbers only
  • Only used to log into the mobile app
  • Example:  3408

We set up the PIN system so it would be easier for drivers to log into the mobile app since the keyboard is smaller and more awkward to use, especially when entering symbols.

You can see a driver’s PIN in the Login Info section of the Driver window’s Mobile Device tab.