Alan has been working hard on upgrading his application to Omnis Studio v5, which is all unicode. Part of this effort is to update the Omnis Data Bridge Administration Tool to support Mac OS X Lion.

You can download the latest by logging onto the issue tracker. Once there, set the Project Selector to the ODB Admin Tool project, and click on Docs.

Add comments and questions to issue 2474. Add new issues for bugs and feature request.

This is a community project. If you use the ODB Admin Tool, please contribute fixes, features and documentation so everyone benefits.

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    1. What would you like to know about the ODB?

      TigerLogic has done pretty well in keeping it up to date with operating system updates. Nonetheless, the changes in the topology for mobile will make it harder for them to update it in lock step.

      The ODB Admin tool adds user interface and controls for the developer. It is easy to use and has been successful for those installations using the Omnis Data File technology for the database.

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