Jacques Zemron will demonstrate the Molu Software Update service to the French Omnis Developers meeting under way today and tomorrow. Molu Software Update is a web service that provides quick and timely updates of applications written in Omnis Studio from TigerLogic. The service enables the applications to add and update code, database and related files, as well as providing the developer with end user access control.

TigerLogic is presenting the newest tools and features of the Omnis Studio 5.2 application development suite to the group. A major feature of this presentation is the new jsClient tools, which allows developers to build new application for all HTML5 capable devices. jsClient opens the mobile world to Omnis-based applications and provides a competitive edge for new and current developers.

Alan has been working hard on upgrading his application to Omnis Studio v5, which is all unicode. Part of this effort is to update the Omnis Data Bridge Administration Tool to support Mac OS X Lion.

You can download the latest by logging onto the issue tracker. Once there, set the Project Selector to the ODB Admin Tool project, and click on Docs.

Add comments and questions to issue 2474. Add new issues for bugs and feature request.

This is a community project. If you use the ODB Admin Tool, please contribute fixes, features and documentation so everyone benefits.

The ODB Admin Tool is a software module for applications based on the Omnis Studio development kit. It provides a tidy user experience for those using the built-in Omnis database technology in a multi-user setting. The project is open source, but development is privately managed.

In the past we asked developers to pay US$300 if they deployed it. Over time it became clear that the requirement wasn’t adding value, so we have dropped that policy. We now encourage developers to find ways to contribute regardless of how you use it. This may be new code, a bug fix or two, documentation improvement, or even a donation of money to offset the server expenses.

Significant contributors include Alan Schmidt of Bottom Line Software, and Michael Mantowski of ClientTrax. Alan drove the initial development, and Michael recently added support for Windows platform.

Omnis developers are welcome to join the project. Please submit a request using our <a href=”https://www.mophilly.com/contact-us/”>contact us</a> page.