From the Vehicle Locator window, there is a button labeled “Add Vehicle Hold”.

When vehicles are located and displayed in the “Search Results” list, selecting one or more of the vehicles in the list and selecting the “Add Vehicle Hold” button will begin the process of setting the selected vehicles on-hold.

For each group, a dialog will appear to enter the details for that groups hold. For example, if there are Ford, GM, Chrysler and Honda vehicles selected, a dialog will appear for the Chrysler vehicles. The details entered will be just for the selected Chrysler vehicles.

Then the user will be prompted if they want to report the Ford holds or not, and then they will get the Ford hold dialog to enter the hold properties for the selected Ford vehicles.

Then the GM, and then a dialog will appear for any other vehicles not in the previous groups.

The vehicles will be processed in the following order:

  1. Chrysler: Window used: wdAddVISTADelayTransaction
  2. Ford
    • Window used: wdAddFordDelayTransaction – if reported
    • Window used: wdAddVehicleHold – not reported
    • Ford vehicle holds have the option of being reported to the customer or not. If any Ford customer vehicles are selected, then the user will be prompted if they are to be reported. If they are, then Ford vehicle holds are created. If not, then “All Others” holds records will be created for the selected Ford customer vehicles.
  3. GM: Window used: wdAddGMDelayTransaction
  4. All Others: Window used: wdAddVehicleHold

Notes on Vehicle Hold

There are multiple Hold types in the system:

  • Vehicle Hold
  • Chrysler Hold
  • Ford Hold
  • GM Hold

For Chrysler and Ford you have to use the Chrysler or Ford hold type in order to be able to transmit the data back to the manufacturer. After adding or removing a Ford hold you must do the COPAC Delay and V.V. Delay exports in order to transmit the data back to the manufacturer. For Chrysler it is the VISTA 550 export that needs to be done.

The GM Hold only applies to direct communication with GM, where the actual contract is with GM. This would not apply to ShipCarsNow.

The regular Vehicle Hold is used for all other customers other than Chrysler, Ford and GM. These do not communicate the hold information back to the Customers.