Australia based SOCRATES™ Orthopaedic Outcomes Software has engaged Mophilly Technology, Inc for installation assistance, technical support response and special projects for clients.

SOCRATES™ is software to help clinicians record and track patient outcomes for orthopaedic procedures. It can be used as a simple audit system to track procedures, a tool to assess patient outcomes for selected procedures, or a research tool for single or multi centre studies.

SOCRATES™ is owned by Ortholink Pty Ltd., which is owned and managed by Robyn Kildey. Robyn is a well known face in International Orthopaedics and first developed an interest in Orthopaedic Outcomes in 1993 when she was the manager of the implant division of Stryker Australia.

Ms. Kildey approached Mophilly for ongoing support services and improving existing business processes.


Mophilly offers innovative solutions that will help you manage your business more effectively in less time, support your workforce, or use the latest technology to make your online or brick and mortar business more secure.

If you’d like to learn more about how custom software can benefit you, or if you’re interested in utilizing online services for business process management, contact Mophilly today.

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