Decatur, GA based Avondale Software has recently engaged Mophilly Technology, Inc to provide marketing, technical support and consulting, and management services.

Owned by Charles “Chuck” Martin, Avondale Software offers The Ombudsman, a Social Security and Disability Claims Case Management system.

When Chuck’s busy Social Security disability practice overwhelmed his paper systems in the late 1980s, he built his own software. Since then The Ombudsman has grown into a Practice Management solution for Mac, Windows, and mixed offices. Customers range from small offices to those with 100 or more analysts.

Why did Mr. Martin name it ‘The Ombudsman’? Chuck explains by saying “an Ombudsman is a troubleshooter who solves any kind of problem.” As a determined troubleshooter himself, the software design and workflow is perfectly matched to the demands claims processors face every day.

The services Mophilly is providing include Business Process Consulting & Management, plus advanced technical support for Cloud Services, Postgres database administration and management, and client support.

Mophilly is utilizing the best online services to improve Avondale’s business processes, with the goal of minimizing time spent managing business operations, increasing customer service and satisfaction, and build processes to support a scalable and sustainable solution.


Mophilly offers innovative solutions that will help you manage your business more effectively in less time, support your workforce, or use the latest technology to make your online or brick and mortar business more secure.

If you’d like to learn more about how moving your business into the cloud can benefit you, or if you’re interested in utilizing online services for business process management, contact Mophilly today.

Alan Schmidt, technical master mind behind Connected Accounting, selected Mophilly Technology as a prime development partner for his company’s mobile initiative. The preview of the first modules received very positive feedback at the MacWorld show in January 2011.

For more information about Connected Accounting, please visit the AccountTek website.