Omnis Training

The program provides 30 hours of instruction for lesson presentation, classroom exercises and time to address individual issues with lab exercises. In addition this course requires 12 to 18 hours of self study work by the student. In aggregate, the typical student will gain approximately 42 hours working with Omnis Studio in a structured manner.

The training course covers all the major tools of the integrated development environment, fundamental components of an application and database access. The objective is to construct an application from start to finish while learning to work with the environment and build a solid foundation in Omnis Studio development techniques. Materials include a 21 chapter Student Guide, the Lab Book and software solutions to the exercises.

Topics include the follow areas of study. Additional topics may be added to suit your needs with prior arrangement.

  • General Activities
    • Build an Application
    • Learn the Omnis Studio Wizards
    • Build parent-child windows and reports
    • Manage multiple instances of the same class
    • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Learn the IDE tools
    • SQL Browser
    • Class Browser and Component Store
    • Notation Inspector and Property Manager
    • Powerful and easy to use Debugger
  • Discuss Important Concepts
    • Object oriented data management using Schema and Table classes
    • Integration of Omnis Studio external components
    • Advanced GUI components, including Tab Panes, Grids and Tree Lists
    • Client-side database transaction management

REMOTE TRAINING Remote training allows the student to work from home or office by combining telephone, internet and remote viewing technologies into a content rich knowledge transfer with an experienced instructor. Remote training includes ten conference sessions plus “office time” to address questions from the students.

CLASSROOM TRAINING Class room style training in a hotel or conference center provides an excellent experience for both student and instructor. On-site and classroom sessions require prior arrangement with Mophilly.

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS Students are required to provide their own computers with all necessary software installed properly prior to the first session. Students requiring assistance with installation and configuration of software are advised to make the appropriate arrangements well in advance of the first day of class.

Students are asked to review the Omnis Studio product documentation prior to class. Students must be familiar with at least one modern programming language, have a general understanding of the software development process, and be familiar with use of their computing equipment and network connectivity. Knowledge of relational database theory and object oriented design and programming is very helpful.

Students enrolled in Remote Training must have reliable internet access and the ability to install the remote viewing client software, such as the Webex client.

COURSE FEES Public courses require a minimum six students, registered at least two weeks prior to the class. The course fee is $2,500.00 per student, payable upon registration. If the minimum number of registrations is not met, the class will be canceled. Please contact the office for more information about a specific class.

On-site classroom style sessions are $9,500.00 for up to three students. Larger groups can be accommodated with prior arrangement. Travel and accommodation for the instructor is not included in the course fee. Please contact the office for a specific quote.

Private sessions are available for $2,500.00 per day, three day minimum. Travel and accommodation for the instructor is not included in the course fee. Please contact the office for a specific quote.

The course fee includes the instructor, student guide, lab book and software solutions. Additional fees not included in the course are the cost of Omnis Studio software development kits and client access licenses, computer rentals and other items required for the benefit of the students. Travel and accommodation expenses of students enrolled in Classroom Training are the responsibility of the students.

All fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars.