Continuous improvement is Mophilly’s nature. And we keep our clients current on business and enterprise software as we research, learn and adapt. We favor solutions that are multi-platform, scalable, web-enabled, mobile and migratable. In today’s market, rapid response, timely roll outs, and software scalability and agility define software success. Our engineering skills include a powerful Rapid Application Development system called OMNIS Studio along with the Agile Development Model. To meet modern demands, we develop apps with .NET, Java, iOS, Android: see Skill Set or our Technology Page for a deeper view of how we work and what we do. We are helping companies expand their sphere of influence with exciting technologies such as the iPhone from Apple, Inc., interactive web sites using AJAX and high powered database systems with web services to speed the flow of information.

MAF We have built the framework and software development kit that speeds development and ensures quality. The MAF – the Mophilly Application Foundation provides a common reference for individuals working on a project, allows for easy review, provides solutions and efficient code-reuse. The Mophilly Application Foundation is also a product, available for use by companies and programmers.