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A map of Omnis application development specialists

In the summer of 2007 we set up the worldwide map of Omnis Developers. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Well, setup is a trivial exercise thanks to the people behind ZeeMaps. We felt that a map of all those engaged in development using Omnis Studio and related tools would be a pretty cool thing.

Omnis developers, users and sponsors are invited to add a marker on the map. Each marker can have a variety of information such as company name, locale, and contact information.

We have a legend based on developer type. See the map for colors, but here the types:

  • Consulting Engineer
  • Omnis User
  • In-house Developer
  • Development Company
  • Omnis Distributors and Offices

Please Note

You can add a marker, but contrary to the instructions below you cannot modify it. The policy of the ZeeMaps company is to restrict that function to admins only. For a modest fee additional controls can be made available to map members.

To modify a marker, please drop a note to support at mophilly. We will do our best to keep the map up to date.

If you are willing to be an admin, let Mark Phillips know and he will set you up.

If you think the service is worth paying for, please post a note to the Omnis List to rally support.

Unlock the Map

When you visit the worldwide map you will find the "Sign-in" and "Unlock" links in the right hand area of the page header.

ZeeMap CommandBlock2.png

The first thing you need to do to add a marker to the map is "unlock" the map. Be careful not to confuse this with "Sign-in". Clicking the "Unlock" link presents the "Unlock map" dialog.

ZeeMap Unlock Dialog.png

Completing this dialog will enable the map commands. The password is "omnisian". After you login, you may add or edit a marker on the worldwide map.

Add A Marker

To add new marker, click the "Add Marker" link in the left hand area of the page header.

ZeeMap MapControls.jpg

This will open the Add Marker dialog.

ZeeMap AddMarker.jpg

You can enter quite a bit of information about you and your company.

Edit A Marker

To modify a marker, locate it on the map and click it to display the information balloon.

ZeeMap EditMarker.jpg

Click on the Company name link to open the tag editor, where you can make changes. Keep in mind this only works if the map is unlocked.

ZeeMap ChangeEntry Dialog.png

Delete A Marker

The delete function is restricted to the map moderator. To have a marker deleted, please edit the marker name to include the phrase "(delete)". Case is not important. For example, "Amazing Applications, Inc." would be changed to "Amazing Applications, Inc. (delete)".

With that done, send an email to the map moderator. Please send email to "support" at mophilly dot com. From time to time the moderator will purge the map of markers having the "(delete)" in the name.


The "Sign-in" link is used to create a new ZeeMaps account. Use this link if you want to create new maps. When you click on this link you will see the "Sign-in" dialog.

ZeeMap Sign-in.jpg

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