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Welcome to the Mophilly Knowledge Base

If you would like to become an editor for this knowledge base, please drop us a note describing your proposed contribution. We used to allow public account creation but the spambots made life miserable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We do want you to contribute, so feel free to contact us.

If you were an editor on our previous system but cannot logon, please send us a note. We will restore your editor status.

Here we offer user and "how to" guides to assist you. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything you would like to see added in this area.


Product Information

Molu Software Update

ODB Administrator User Guide

Technology Article

Omnis Studio

Omnis Studio is a application development tool for business productivity applications. It is designed to speed development of applications for the mobile, web savvy, power users. Learn more about it at Omnis Studio from Tiger Logic.

Another resource is a community run email list. You can sign up at Omnis-Dev. The site run by Fred Haislmeir, a long time Omnis developer.

  • How to implement automated backups for Windows and Mac OS X
Automated Backup with Omnis Studio

SME Server

Installing & Configuring Webware on SME Server

How to install Django on SME Server describes our experience setting up Django for Python on SME.

Mac OS X

Apple is an aggressive competitor and produces new product at a furious pace. The following pages are out of date as the current release of Mac OS X is 10.7 as of January 2012.

Setup a VPN connection on Mac OS X is a collection of links to Apple guides.

Setup Secure Email in is a collection of links to decent tutorials.

Other Links

The MantisBT Data Model for version 1.1.5 has been added to the Community Portal. PDF and PNG versions may be downloaded.

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