Android Only Update

Hi all, Happy Wednesday!

We hope you and the drivers are having success using the mobile app.
NOTE: New version 1.2.0100 (446) released for ANDROID ONLY
This new version is being released on Android first, the iOS version will follow in about a week. This new version has undergone extensive testing prior to release, so the drivers should have a better experience with this update than the last.

What’s new in this version:
  • Fix to problems caused by multiple delivery locations with identical names
  • Fix index out of bounds errors
  • Exceptions are now generated again for delivering to different location
  • Prompt driver when adding a load to a run not yet completed
  • Test Scanner function for identifying scan problems
  • Reporting of iPhone model numbers
  • Add driver expenses
  • View unpaid expenses
What drivers should do:
  • A new version 1.2.0100 (446) of the mobile app is now available for download on Android phones
  • Drivers with Android phones can download the update in the Google Play store, use button below
  • Drivers with iPhones will continue using 1.2.0000 (421) until the new version comes out for iPhone next week

Android Download


We hope this briefing is useful to you. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, or if we can improve the manuals, please let us know.

Walt Venable
Senior Application Engineer